Monday, January 5, 2015

Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who took our survey last month. We had about 45 responses. As promised, we are sharing the results.

We first want to announce our theme for January, which was chosen prior to sending out the survey, in order to give authors enough time to come up with their answers. We present to you...Favorite Things! Each author visiting CLC in January will talk about their top five favorite things. And some may be sharing them in the form of a giveaway too....

To get you psyched up for the month, here's a video of the classic song:

Which theme(s) did you like best from this past year?

  • Summer Fun: 52%
  • Chick Lit Month: Friend Dates: 43%
Melissa P. came up with the "Summer Fun" theme, as she loves talking about carnivals, beaches, boardwalks, etc. She definitely appreciates the love you have shown for her idea.

Which theme(s) would you like to bring back from previous years?
  • Friendship: 48%
  • Romance: 46%
Since we've decided to bring only one theme back, we will be going with "Friendship." However, we may add a new element to this theme to keep things fresh and exciting.

What theme(s) would you like to see in 2015?

We will definitely be using these two themes sometime in 2015:
  • Books/reading (talking about other book genres, how books make people feel, recommendations, etc.): 65%
  • Good things (heartwarming stories; talking about good in the world, or even good things that have happened to you): 48%
Chick Flicks and Sweet Tooth tied at 41%, so we may possibly use either or both ideas.

As for the open-ended question, we'll keep your chick lit month ideas in mind, but we may have some other ideas up our sleeves too...

Did you read and/or participate in the Reader Spotlight posts

It was a close mix of "Sometimes" and "No." (Between 35-40%) In any case, we've decided to discontinue the Reader Spotlight posts. While they were fun, not many people went into it voluntarily, even though everyone who participated (once asked) seemed to have a good time with it. We appreciated the comments received on these posts and hope you made some new book-loving friends in the process!

Have you been visiting our Bookshelf page? 

"Sometimes": 67%

We're now updating Bookshelf bi-weekly starting the first full week of January. There will be four books shown for two weeks at a time.


S.Sabia said...

I love the Favorite Things theme!! I can't wait to read all the new author posts this month and find out their favorite things :-)

Janine said...

The results are interesting. I'm surprised more people didn't visit the reader spotlights. I enjoyed that feature and learning about other readers like me. I liked comparing their favorite books to mine. But, the survey is good to know which directions to go this year.