Monday, November 11, 2013

Guest Book Review: When Girlfriends Make Choices

By Connie Fischer

Lara Kearns is a hard-working account services associate for Cooperton Advertising located in Seattle. Totally dedicated to her job, she works long hours that often includes weekends. Quickly approaching her 30th birthday, she has little time for dating and has yet to find the man of her dreams.

Lara has several very good girlfriends with whom she shares lots of fun times. After a one night stand that left her pregnant, her girlfriend, Robin, has moved in with Lara to help provide emotional support during her pregnancy and afterward when baby Rose is born.

Lara has vowed to avoid any type of romantic relationship with an office co-worker. However, as Robert Burns put it, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." While Lara has noticed and chatted with her handsome co-worker, Paul MacKenzie, she has kept it businesslike until their mutual attraction takes that extra step into a full-blown affair. Lara finds herself completely in love in Paul and he confesses his love to her. They keep their affair a total secret until she finds out Paul is married with two children.

When Lara finally confesses her affair to her girlfriends, they are all surprised and angry with her. While she listens to their advice and knows she is wrong, she cannot stop her love for Paul. That is when she begins to see a therapist.

When Girlfriends Make Choices was a beautifully written book that takes the reader through the feelings of Lara and the effects of the affair on her as told through the eyes of "the other woman." The agony of her "addiction" to Paul and inability to let go is powerfully displayed in the novel. While affairs are truly a no-no in life, not everyone who gets caught up in one is bad. To quote the character of Robin in the novel, "....sometimes people do things that are out of character, and it doesn't mean they're a horrible person."

I hope readers will enjoy this novel as much as I did as you follow Lara through this time in her life along with the events in the lives of her girlfriends.

I was gifted a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an fair and honest review.

Connie Fischer is a retired office manager from NASA. Loved books from the time she could read. Spent childhood summers in her front yard tree reading Nancy Drew books and biographies. Loves historical and contemporary romance novels, chick lit and anything British. Is a reviewer for the blog, bookworm2bookworm. Her goal for 2013 on Goodreads is to read and review 100 books and she's way ahead of schedule. Lived in Paris France for a number of years. Living now in southwest Florida. is good!

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Connie said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and look forward to reading more of her books!

Savannah Page said...

Thank you for the lovely review, Connie! I'm so happy you enjoyed Lara's story and are looking forward to other girlfriends' stories. And thank you, Chick Lit Central, for the feature. Happy Reading! xo

Unknown said...

This looks like a fun book. I will have to check it out just as soon as I have finished reading "A Thousand Years of Johnny Von" by Edith M. Cortese- a fun heartfelt historical romance. Thanks for your great review on "When Girlfriends Make Choices." I can't wait to read it!