Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday with Mary Kay

No, we're not trying to sell cosmetics here. Our guest blogger, Jencey Gortney, has stopped by to tell us about one of her favorite authors, Mary Kay Andrews, and pay a tribute to her great work!

I discovered Mary Kay Andrews out of a simple desire to visit a prominent author in the area. I went to hear her talk at the Barnes & Noble in Buckhead (part of the city of Atlanta). She was touring for her book "The Fixer Upper." I enjoyed her talk and learned about the writing process. I also picked up the book "Hissy Fit." I read "Hissy Fit" last summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved how her writing, the visual imagery, and how well researched the books are. I couldn’t wait for her latest release "Summer Rental."

Mary Kay portrays a history in her writing by researching the setting that helps create the story. Her characters are people for whom you want to fight. You can identify with their circumstances and wanting to help them sort out their situation. She also creates imagery that can be pictured and visualized by the reader. Her main character has been a female in her twenties or thirties who is somehow down on her luck. In all of her previous books she has used Georgia for her setting in cities such as Savannah and Madison. In her latest book the setting changes to Nags Head, North Carolina. I have heard that it might be back to Savannah for the next book.

One thing that really grabs me about her novels is how easy they are to read. The pages turn themselves as you read the book. I loved "Summer Rental" and "Hissy Fit" but her other titles are worth checking out, as well.

I have come to love Mary Kay Andrews' writing. I even consult her in person when I have the chance to see her. I am also friends with her on Facebook. She would love for you to come and friend her too, as well as follow her on Twitter.

Synopsis of "Summer Rental":
Ellis arranges the perfect getaway for a month at the beach. At least she thought she had organized the perfect getaway at the beach. The house is not what she thought it would be and it has seen better days. Once Ellis has access to the house she tries to spruce it up for her friends who are sharing the house Dorie and Julia. They are excited to have this month of August together in Nags Head. The women are all struggling with various aspects of their lives: Ellis being downsized from her job; Julia trying to make a decision about her career path; Dorie about picking up the pieces of her marriage. A stranger suddenly comes to the house needing refuge but has a secret past. This stranger becomes part of this group of friends. The women are in for one big adventure at the beach.

Jencey Gortney has loved reading ever since she was little. More recently, she has developed a love for Chick Lit. She is a teaching assistant in her everyday life. She lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She is currently working on her first novel. She blogs over at Writer's Corner (her book blog) and also writes book reviews for Chicklit Club. She wrote a book review for us last year, as well.

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