Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Winning Wednesday--February 9th

I will only be posting giveaways on this blog from now on. If you have a giveaway that ends before Wednesday of a given week, please feel free to post it at Chick Lit Central on Facebook. You're also welcome to contact me about any giveaways you would like to have listed. (Chick Lit only, please, unless it is for a gift card or book related device.)
Finally, I am no longer going to seek out contests to post. If they happen to show up in my Facebook or Twitter news feed or on my blog reader, I'll be sure to post them. If you think I won't see your contest, please send it to me so I can include it in this blog.
Thank you!

New giveaways:

Brand new! "Emily and Einstein" by Linda Francis Lee and Bloomingdales bag
Linda's Facebook Page...Tell her your favorite place to shop!
US/Canada only
Ends Friday.

Another new one! "Following Polly" by Karen Bergreen
Chick Lit is Not Dead
Ends Friday at 6 pm PST

"The Accidental Adult" by Colin Sokolowski
* Chick Lit Central
US only
Ends February 13th at midnight EST

* Manic Mommy
Deadline unknown

"Helen of Pasadena" by Lian Dolan
Chick Lit Central
US/Canada only
Ends February 14th at midnight EST

"Hush" by Kate White
US/Canada only, no PO Boxes
Ends February 11th at 11:59 pm PST

"Committed" by Elizabeth Gilbert
Luxury Reading
US/Canada only
Ends February 28th at midnight EST

"The Murderer's Daughters" by Randy Susan Meyers
Booking Mama
US/Canada only
Ends February 13th at 11:59 pm EST

"Dreaming in English" by Laura Fitzgerald
The Book Chick
US/Canada only
Ends February 18th at midnight EST

"The Kitchen Daughter" by Jael McHenry
Facebook page for "The Kitchen Daughter".."Like" and comment on the post!
Ends Saturday at noon EST

Previously posted (still going on):

"I Heart..." series by Lindsey Kelk (complete set..all signed)
I Heart...Paris
UK only
Ends March 1st

"Separate Beds" by Elizabeth Buchan
Chicklit Club
US only, no PO boxes
Ends February 17th

Help Kaira Rouda get 800 fans, win "Here, Home, Hope" and Dogeared Jewels and Gifts Karma Necklace
Kaira Rouda Books on Facebook
Ends when this page reaches 800 fans

"The Science of Kissing" by Sheril Kirshenbaum
Books and Needlepoint
US/Canada only, no P.O. Boxes
Ends February 17th

1 comment:

Laura Rachel Fox said...

Just realized that I haven't won a book in quite a while. Then I realized that maybe that was because I haven't entered any of your lovely contests. Thanks for posting these!!

*fingers crossed*