Monday, October 4, 2010

Winners of "Friday Mornings at Nine" and "The Ice Chorus"

We've decided to post the winner(s) to both giveaways at one time.

To find the winners, we assigned everyone numbers by the order in which the entries came in and used the Custom Random Number Generator.

Congrats to....

Winner of "Friday Mornings at Nine":


Winners of "The Ice Chorus":



Thanks again to everyone for participating!

Thanks also to Marilyn and Sarah for such fun interviews and interesting answers and also for the books for the giveaways!

No new giveaways to report at this time, but more are coming soon!


Bonnie said...

Thanks so much! Can't wait to read "The Ice Chorus"!

Heather said...

Yeah! Thank you so much!

Marilyn Brant said...

Thanks so much to everyone for commenting in my contest and, Heather, I hope you'll enjoy Friday Mornings at Nine!! :)