Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Winner of "Carrie Pilby" book and post-its

Caren Lissner posted this as a comment on the blog with her interview.

Thanks, Melissa, and everyone who participated! Scully, that's quite a story...I guess that guy was a real charmer. I'm sorry about your doggy. I had a beagle for 14 years...she was wonderful.

OK, I've chosen number 8 at random. Melissa randomly paired people with numbers, so whoever is that number is the winner and will receive a signed copy of the book, plus some fresh Carrie Pilby Post-It notes to doodle on, soon!

By the way, I have a personal blog at www.addledwriter.blogspot.com and my webpage is at www.carenlissner.com. Keep reading, and for writers, keep writing!

Congrats to Laura Rachel Fox!!!

Thank you, Caren, for a great interview and for facilitating the giveaway. I enjoyed "speaking" with you.

Thanks again to everyone for participating. I hope you'll still check out "Carrie Pilby" if you're interested. It's a great story!

I have an interview/giveaway with Jane Green going on now and an interview/giveaway with Sarah Pekkanen that will be posted later this week.


Caren said...

The Green interview is definitely worth reading. Congrats, Laura! Sending the book today! Wow, you have a good writing name.

Laura Rachel Fox said...

thanks, Melissa, for this opportunity. Can't wait to read "Carrie Pilby."

Colleen Turner said...

Congratulations Laura!
Colleen T.

Unknown said...

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Carrie Pilby Kickstarter Team